Dog First Aid South Wales

Dog First Aid South Wales

Dog First Aid Training in South Wales

Your dog is your best friend. What better way to show you care than by learning the skills you will need to help him in an emergency?

The South Wales location for Dog First Aid has a great reputation with it's customers and an excellent Trustist Review score.

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Rachel McAlpine

Rachel McAlpine

Rachel is our Dog First Aid Franchisee for South Wales.

Growing up Rachel saw quite a menagerie of animals in the house; dog, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, but it was dogs who were her personal favourite. The bond between a dog and its owner is something special. Rachel is currently owned by two rescue lurchers, Honey and Barney, who are both full of character and mischief aplenty.

Over the years Rachel has been involved with a number of dog rescues and homes, volunteering as a dog walker for a local rehoming centre. This in turn led to her becoming a professional dog walker and it was through her work that Rachel first became aware of Dog First Aid. Attending a course locally highlighted the importance of having dog first aid knowledge and skills when owning, working or volunteering with dogs. This belief was further compounded when Rachel found herself using some of the skills she had been taught to deal with injuries sustained by her own dogs as well as a potentially life threatening case of mould poisoning. Without the training Rachel received during that course it could have been a devastating outcome for Barney, thankfully his symptoms were recognised quickly enough to get him emergency veterinary treatment and save his life.

Rachel loves a challenge, she has completed a number of fundraising events and activities for charity, including abseiling down a 15 storey building and taking part in a 20 mile walk, she is passionate about fundraising and raising the profile of worthy causes.

Taking on the Dog First Aid South Wales Franchise Territory is the perfect role for Rachel. It combines her passions for dogs, training people in lifesaving skills, and gives her plenty of opportunity to raise funds for charity too. Having undergone extensive training with veterinary professionals Rachel is eager to be able to share this knowledge and experience with others. A potentially life changing situation could arise at any time and if the training Rachel provides can improve the outcome, even save the life, of even one dog then it is all worthwhile.


Dog First Aid Training provide a range of courses in South Wales.

Emergency Canine Care

Emergency Canine Care

Our 'Dog First Aid' course is ideal for anyone living or working with dogs. It will teach the essentials of caring for a dog in a range of circumstances.

Flat Faced Breeds - Health Awareness

Flat Faced Breeds - Health Awareness

Brachycephalic dog breeds have unique medical needs. This course will help you understand and respond to your dog's needs.

Dog First Aid South Wales is available right across the region, including...

Swansea, Neath, Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd, Barry, Cardiff, Newport and Abergevenny and the surrounding areas.

Client Reviews

Kate Ellam-Arnold

Fantastic course very helpful and learnt a lot we are Dog Groomers and Dog walkers and it will definitely benefit our customers and ourselves now thanks Rachel!

Charlie Gardiner

Recently completed Rachel’s Canine First Aid course, and I very highly recommend. Such a brilliant course, very informative, and delivered beautifully. Due to the current situation the course was held over Zoom, despite the different format style; the course was highly valuable and very informative. I recommend this course for any dog professionals needing a refresh in canine first aid and to any dog owners! Having some canine first aid basics is so so valuable to everyone! (AND you receive a snazzy certificate 😊) Thank you so much Rachel! 😊

Hannah Whitlock

I’m so glad we went on this course because beforehand doing CPR on a dog? Not a clue. Now, we know exactly what to do and it could save a life someday. Definitely recommend Rachel she explained everything we needed to know and it was really easy to follow.

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