Dog First Aid Merseyside

Dog First Aid Merseyside

Dog First Aid Training in Merseyside

Your dog is your best friend. What better way to show you care than by learning the skills you will need to help him in an emergency?

The Merseyside location for Dog First Aid has a great reputation with it's customers and an excellent Trustist Review score.

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Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones

Yvonne is our Dog First Aid Franchisee for Merseyside.

Being a dog lover all my life, I’ve always wanted to work with dogs. A spell of helping out with fundraising and dog rescue fuelled my passion and I am very happy to be spreading the Dog First Aid message.

Until a year ago, I didn’t even realise it was a thing! Having two very accident prone dogs myself – Chewie, a four-and-a-half-year old Pug/Shitzu cross, and Indy, a two-and-a-half year old Pug/Shitzu/Pekingese cross – I was worried about not knowing what to do if they had a serious accident. After Chewie nearly choked to death on a treat which was given to him by a stranger in the pub one day, I realised that I needed to get some training.

I did my own dog first aid course and instantly felt comfortable that I would know what to do if the need arose. I also knew after attending my course that teaching dog first aid to others was what I wanted to do so others would have the same comfort. Having been a trainer in previous jobs, I am now combining my love of dogs with my love of teaching others.

Animal welfare is such a passion of mine I’ve always wanted to work with animals in some way and, having two doggos of my own, Dog First Aid is the perfect enabler for me, especially if I can help save their lives.


Dog First Aid Training provide a range of courses in Merseyside.

Emergency Canine Care

Emergency Canine Care

Our 'Dog First Aid' course is ideal for anyone living or working with dogs. It will teach the essentials of caring for a dog in a range of circumstances.

Flat Faced Breeds - Health Awareness

Flat Faced Breeds - Health Awareness

Brachycephalic dog breeds have unique medical needs. This course will help you understand and respond to your dog's needs.

Dog First Aid Merseyside is available right across the region, including...

Liverpool, Bolton, Wigan, St.Helens, Warrington, Southport and the surrounding areas.

Client Reviews

Hayley Houghton

I really can’t recommend Yvonne enough! After talking to her I decided to book myself onto one of her classes so I could get better knowledge for my business. Long storey short a few days after finishing the course my dog had a seizure and I wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t for her course! All dog owners should consider this course! You never know when you will need it.

Faye Piggott

Highly recommend for dog owners and dog professionals too. Yvonne was absolutely brilliant and would recommend this course to anyone

Shirley Woodhouse

Brilliant course held in Hale. I feel much more confident now about handling first aid situations in dogs. I have only ever had to handle minor situations in my own dogs, but you never know when you are going to need it. Better to be prepared. Thank you Yvonne.

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