Dog First Aid Cheshire

Dog First Aid Cheshire

Dog First Aid Training in Cheshire

Your dog is your best friend. What better way to show you care than by learning the skills you will need to help him in an emergency?

Meet the Team
Lorraine Forshaw

Lorraine Forshaw

Lorraine is our Franchisee for Cheshire.

Lorraine grew up with many pets, and having rescued dogs through the years, is now “Mum” to Ty, a Staffy/Rhodesian Ridgeback cross.

Lorraine and partner Chris wanted him to feel loved, safe and cared for. Looking into dog nutrition led them to buy their pet food business, followed by the opening of their pet shop, catering for cats, rabbits, small animals, wildlife, but mainly dogs and always with the pet’s welfare at mind.

While Chris worked full time on the businesses, Lorraine only ‘retired’ from her finance
career (after 40 years) in January 2022.

After attending one of our courses, Lorraine knew that she wanted to add Dog First Aid to the couples’ other pet businesses.

Lorraine had experienced a canine choking incident, and last year, after spotting a strange lump, Ty was successfully treated for cancer, Lorraine feeling relieved she had spotted it so quickly.

Lorraine has now completed her comprehensive training, including training by members of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. She knows that the right training can prevent that sense of panic most people experience in an emergency, but equally important the weekly health checks the course teaches could just help you spot an issue with your dog before it becomes too serious to deal with!

She looks forward to taking you on the Dog First Aid journey to CPD accreditation and the reassurance of being prepared.



Dog First Aid Training provide a range of courses in Cheshire.

Emergency Canine Care

Emergency Canine Care

Our 'Dog First Aid' course is ideal for anyone living or working with dogs. It will teach the essentials of caring for a dog in a range of circumstances.

Flat Faced Breeds - Health Awareness

Flat Faced Breeds - Health Awareness

Brachycephalic dog breeds have unique medical needs. This course will help you understand and respond to your dog's needs.

Dog First Aid Cheshire is available right across the region, including...

Crewe, Chester, Congleton, Knutsford, Middlewich, Nantwich, Northwich Macclesfield, The Wirral and the surrounding areas.

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