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Before exploring our website, please take a moment to read Lancelot’s story below – heart warming, inspirting and precisely why we do what we do …

Lancelot at the Course

Lancelot at the Course

Lancelot 3 Months Later

Lancelot 3 Months Later

We hear feedback from lots of attendees who’ve had to put their emergency Dog First Aid skills in to action with road traffic accidents, choking and much more, but Sir Lancelot’s story is a real tear jerker that we just had to share.

Lancelot’s owner, Holly, came on the April 2013 course.  Lancelot was a rescue from GRWE and was upset to be left in the car, so he joined us in the second half of the course.  In July 2013 Dog First Aid trainer, Jo, received an email that brought tears to her eyes.

Lancelot had severed 3 main veins and an artery whilst out on a walk.

This is what owner Holly said:

“The vet said he lost about 28% of blood volume and we got to him about 3 minutes after it had happened and applied pressure but he soaked through two tea towels and a pack of horse poultice wrap I had in the car. it was a 10 minute journey to the vets all the way with pressure applied and he STILL lost all that blood so he would have been dead if it had not been stemmed. My father had no idea what to do (he thought wrap in cling film to keep it clean!) and he has kept dogs and animals for 40 years so it goes to show that not a lot of people don’t know how to deal with it.”

“The shock was the worst part, blood I can do, but him going all pale in his gums, panting and then pretty much passing out was not fun. But again … I knew what to do with that and that was comforting.”

“I will always be grateful for the things I learnt – it saved his life”


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